Monday, 16 July 2012

What are you looking forward to the most in the next 6 months?

This is where I will be going in October. Lovely, sunny Mallorca.

I need to clarify that this will not be a post filled with longing to the point of negativity, "I wishes" or the need for escapism. It's not going to be 800 words on why "I really need a holiday!!!!!" The first reason is because I believe very firmly in grammar and punctuation, and the over-use of exclamation marks is one of the reasons I would like our current 'culture' to go die quietly in a corner. The second reason is that I am very happy with my life and do not want to escape from it. A holiday is a chance for me to go somewhere different and experience that place.

Which is what I love so much about going to Mallorca. I've been so many times now that I really do feel that I experience it. I haven't been in a few years though, so I'm expecting a few things to have changed. I like that I will notice that they have changed. I like that I am that familiar with it. It's lovely to know your way around somewhere like that; to be a tourist but a knowledgeable one. To know which are the best restaurants, cafes, shops, places to visit but to still be able to wander round them with my camera out taking hundreds of pictures. And I do mean hundreds of pictures. Sometimes thousands.

I'm also excited to take Toben along and show him all the things I talk about a lot. I'm excited that Toben is excited. I've told him about the traditional Mallorcan train that still runs the length of the island so the five year old inside him is, of course, dying to go on it. We've talked about the long afternoons cycling around all the little back lanes in the sunshine, stopping for photos or ice cream where we may. Splooshing about in the sea... which is warm! Visiting the markets and buying fresh watermelon, mango, pineapple or any other kind of fruit that Toben has missed now he lives in the inhospitable climate we call Scotland. Most of all, I think he is looking forward to being a sun worshipper. I have to say, that doesn't sound too bad myself.

I'm looking forward to some good food too! I love knowing that the fish on my plate was probably caught earlier that day in the bay, or at least the day before. Not eight weeks ago somewhere off the coast of Japan. This is going to sound silly, but all the food very noticeably tastes like food. Anyone who has ever shopped at a Supermarket and been disappointed will know what I mean. Oh, that would be all of you.

Mostly, I'm excited to go somewhere where this can happen.

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  1. I don't think any fish I've seen here comes from Japan... but ok. I'm very jealous though, have an amazing time when you're there! x