Sunday, 8 July 2012

What's an article of clothing you're deeply attached to?

This is a story about a girl and her wellies.

The girl lives on an island where it rains a lot in winter, so she made friends with a pair of wellies. Soon they were inseparable. They would go for walks together which made them both very happy. The wellies liked to get very wet and muddy; the girl liked to stay dry and clean. It was a perfect match.

Sometimes her wellies would whisper to her. "We want to go in the sea," they would say. "Ok," the girl would reply, "But we'll need to walk for a bit to get there." So off the girl and the wellies would go, all the way to the beach at the north end. As soon as they saw the sea the wellies would start to run, taking the girl with them. Into the waves they would go with a splish and a splosh. Stamping back and forth. Jumping up and down. Kicking water up. The wellies would play and the girl would laugh.

Then they would both stand for a very long time in the water looking out to sea. They would look at all the islands on the horizon and think of the places they could go, all the other places with beaches and waves. They would watch the boats going past and think what it might be like to be fisherman wellies and to be a fisherman. They would look at everything and nothing and think of all the puddles they could jump in on the way home. One time they stayed there so long the tide came in and the water rose so high it went right over the top and inside the wellies. It was a bit wet and cold, but the girl and the wellies only laughed.

Soon they would be on their way back, stomping and splashing through all the puddles. And then they would be home, where the girl and the wellies could sit in front of the cosy fire to dry off. Contentment settling on them as the wellies thought about how lovely and wet they got in the sea and how nice it was of the girl to play with them there, and as the girl thought about how lovely and dry she stayed and how glad she was to have her wellies.

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