Wednesday, 18 July 2012


1. HARRY FREAKING POTTER. Ahem... Now I've gotten that out, I think I can continue.

2. Books. How they smell when they are new. How they smell when they are old. How they smell in between. Reading them. Looking at their shiny covers. Looking at their shiny words. Happy.

3. Colours. I love colour. I love seeing wonderful colour combinations that I wouldn't have thought of. A colourful world is never boring, and what luck, I live in one!

"You were full of living colours and such a sense of wonder"
This Could Be My Last Day - Duke Special 

4. Wool. This has something to do with the colour thing I think. Wool comes in so many different colours, textures and patterns. Finding great wool is always happy making, particularly in a certain charity shop in Craignure where the woman only charged me 20p a ball. I liked her.

5. Buttons. I have already confessed my love of buttons in an earlier post, so this should be no surprise. As with wool, they come in so many colours, textures and patterns, and can often be found cheap in charity shops, just waiting for someone to come along and love them. I volunteer myself for that job a lot. I really like that they can be used for so many things too. The number of crafty uses I've found for them is astounding. I have/have made button earrings, a button necklace, button pins, button hair clips, button rings, button cards, buttons on slippers, buttons on scarves... the list could go on... and on. My friend Margaret and I even decorated the Abbey with buttons for a service.

6. My Mum's post card writing style. It just makes me laugh. Short, to the point and vaguely informative. An accurate description of both the postcards and the one that writes them. Here is an example:

"Dear S+T,

Having a lovely time + we are having fun. Walked along a coastal path near here. Oh + the Race was okay too.

Love Mum +Dad 

7. Brambles. This is my little kitty cat who lives with my parents in Edinburgh. But everyone knows she is mine really. She is adorable in a fluffy, soppy, talks-to-you kind of way. No really, she actually tries to hold conversations with you. Smart cat.

8. Barley. This is the other kitty that lives with my parents. He is adorable in a fluffy, drooly, pat me ok now feed me ok now pat me ok now feed me kind of way.  Technically he is Mum's cat, and if you've ever seen the Barley and Alison cuddle extravaganza you'd probably agree. Though I bet he feels like he's partly mine too... we did have some pretty extensive playtime with the dolls cot when I was little. And he will always sleep on my head when I'm there. Which is... nice.

9. House. As in the tv programme. I could watch it for hours, and often do when I'm crafting. I got a little tired with all the medical dramas on tv, but House is so refreshingly different and clever. Also a little weird at times. Good weird though.

10. My bed. Ok, so this is a completely unoriginal thought. I like my bed. I really do. We have a really cosy duvet with some epic covers. I like it when I get in at night because it's all cold and lovely compared to the rest of the flat which accumulates all the heat from the laundry room over the course of the day, making it a bit too hot for me. I like it in the morning when I'm still in it because it is much warmer and cosier than the rest of the flat which is a bit chilly from having the window open all night. I don't really like getting out of it though. But who does?!

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