Saturday, 14 July 2012

Best Day Ever.

This is going to sound really terrible, but I don't think I have a best day ever. I don't want you to think that my life is sad, because it really isn't. It's quite the opposite. I have so many good days that I can't pick one out of them all. So instead of giving an in depth description of my best day ever, I am going to give a taste of some pretty great days.

  • The day I left school. That was a GREAT day. If you've read my post on my school life you'll know why. After I walked out of that ugly entrance hall that last time I walked all the way home with two of my dearest friends (who I did not go to school with and came down to meet me specially for this occasion). We didn't go straight home though. We wandered past a shop and bought sweets, crisps, juice... general tasty things. Then we went to the swing park. I remember swinging so high on the swing I felt like I was part of the sky. I felt as free as I suddenly realised I was. I saw my feet walking up the sky; thinking I could do anything.
  • Any day any that the Harry Potter books/films came out. Bouncing. Off. The. Walls. Particularly the last film, which I waited for ages to eventually make it to my tiny end of the world. But the Screen Machine came to Mull, and I found myself inside a truck with 25 other people staring at the back wall in awe as He Who Shall Not Be Named was finally named and shamed. Brilliant.
  • The day Toben and I were considered islanders. We went to catch the ferry and got a lift in the staffa boat to Mull instead. Yes!
  • All the days I've seen Eddi Reader live. Magic has happened on those days.
  • The day I met Eddi Reader. She turned up to a Drever/McCusker/ Woomble gig I was at and I spotted her in the audience. Naturally I did the awkward fan thing of hanging around while everyone else left and got to go talk to her. She chatted with me, signed my ticket and gave me her cold when she hugged me. Then I went for chips with my (very patient) friends. Happy happy happy. 
  • The day I met J.K. Rowling. Back when she wasn't famous, I went to the release of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in a tiny bookshop in Edinburgh. I stood in line with my parents behind the other nine people there feeling excited. I had never been to a book signing before, and this felt like a great way to start! When I got to the front of the queue I was delighted. Not only was J.K.Rowling right there in front of me; we were wearing the same jacket. We simultaneously looked at each other, looked down, looked at each other, looked down. Yes, it was the exact same jacket. After a brief chat I left the shop elated, with a copy of her new book signed "Sarah, I'd like a coat like that. Love, J.K.Rowling".
  • When my Dad got a book signed for me. He went to a book signing held for Jasper Fforde and as well as buying a copy for himself, bought one for me. Long story short; I have a copy of One of Our Thursdays Is Missing that reads "Sarah, I'd like a coat like that. Love, Jasper Fforde." Apparently, Mr Fforde was "fair tickled" with the idea.

There are many more wonderful days in the life and times of Squarah, but that feels like a nice place to leave off. And long may they continue!

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