Monday, 4 August 2014

Mama Cat

It seems that half of the people I know have had a baby in the last year. My facebook feed is filled with babies. First teeth. Christenings. Breastfeeding woes. Look at how adorable/handsome my little princess/munchkin is. I'm really pleased for all of you. You guys all love your little potatoes, aliens, monkeys, and Winston Churchill look-a-likes to death.

But I have a cat. I'm her Mama Cat and she's the little fuzz ball I had to teach how to purr. I had to feed her when she had the cone of shame and couldn't get her head in the bowl. She was so young when we got her, we've had to teach her how to cat. She is not a substitute child by any means. But she is a large part of my life. I try not to post too much about her because apparently being a crazy cat lady is a bad thing. But it seems most parents have no filter for their children, and I have to see all these babies paraded in front of the internet. Please note there are exceptions to this among you, who seem to acknowledge you have other things in your life that don't involve nappies. I salute you.

So as usual, I'm going to stop caring and throw convention out the window. I'm going to crazy cat lady all over the place, where you all can see. Ha.

Things Rilla Kitten Likes

  • Running to the door when we come in ready for a welcome snuggle.
  • Being asked "Where are the noms, Rilla?" and taking us to the kitchen to show us her empty bowl with eyes that say 'fix it human'.
  • Ping pong balls.
  • Chasing ping pong balls round and round and round and round the bath. Or a wash basket.
The red one is her favourite.
  • Nerf guns darts.
  • Playing fetch with nerf gun darts.
  • Mama Cat's wool.
  • Catching spiders, flies, moths and beetles that infiltrate the flat. We are an insect free zone. It's pretty great.
  • Running. Basically trying to be in every room in the flat simultaneously.
  • Sitting on the windowsill growling at all the things. People mowing the lawn, guests walking up the path, the staff member that smokes below our window ( I encourage the last one).
  • Sleeping. On the bed. In patches of sunlight. In her radiator bed. In the bath. In cardboard boxes. On the back of the sofa. On people (briefly).
  • 'Helping' to change the bed.
  • Gently chewing human toes.
  • Toothbrushes. Chewing them. Carrying them from room to room. Having her face brushed with them. I never said she was normal.
  • Being disarmingly cute. Gah, them feels.

I'm sure there are many other things, but I am stopping here. There will be another edition of crazy cat lady bursts forth coming soon. I know, you can't wait.