Monday, 9 July 2012

Write a few 6 word memoirs.

It is thought that Hemingway was asked once if he could write a story in only 6 words. Turns out, he could. "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Now for my turn.

Dream big; eat the whole cake.

Little person, little memoir, big life.

I told you I was ill. (Spike Milligan's epitaph)

Remember, remember, remember you're a womble! ( I laughed out loud when I thought of that!)

Tea half drunk, Nick was here...

Little hairy bloke steals weirdos ring. (The Hobbit)

When parents suck, find a library. (Matilda)

Wrote a book; magically fixed everything. (Atonement)

Hamlet mad. Hamlet not mad. Dead. (Hamlet)

I think I could go on all night with mini memoirs of fiction characters... But that might get a bit much so I will stop here. I'm counting everything I say now!

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