Saturday, 21 July 2012

A letter to anyone.

Dear Lego man,

How are you, my yellow headed friend? I hope you are well. Have you made a new friend? I hope so. I imagine you sitting on a windowsill, or perhaps a shelf beside someone else's books.

Where did they find you? Did you leave yourself outside a shop again? Just waiting for somebody to see you in the long grass? You looked like you had been there a while when I found you outside the Community Shop. You were all wet and a little bit muddy from being out in the rain. But then we went inside and got you all dry, before you explored my room for somewhere to sit. You ended up on the little shelf under the mirror. I think you liked it; you could see everything from up there.

You came with me when I left too. We had a few houses to live in. I have to admit, your spot in Knock Na Cross wasn't very good. I was surprised you picked it, beside all my hair clips on the dresser. I wondered if you used them as skis when I wasn't looking. I bet you did.

Where did you go when we left Knock Na Cross? I know you came to Edinburgh with us. I remember you choosing a spot in the dolls house in my room. But then you weren't there. I came to tell you we were going to Bishops House next, and you had gone. I know you don't like goodbyes, so I do understand. I get curious though.

I hope you are with somebody nice, who will look after you. I hope you still have your little broom too. You always held on to it so tightly that I presumed you must be very fond of it.

If you ever find yourself on Iona again, do come and say hello. I'll always have a little shelf space with your name on it if you need it.

Sarah Squarah

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