Monday, 4 June 2012

Giving Up?

Favourite quote of the day:

"Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don't care anymore, but because they don't."

Now I don't want anyone reading into this and thinking it is either a) something going on in my life presently that I need to talk about or b) a dramatic bid for attention because believe me, I have no time for that kind of behaviour.

I just like the simplicity of it. True things that are also simple are great things to me. People make things so complicated sometimes. Also I firmly believe in truth. I honestly would want to know if my bum looks big in it. From where I stand most things would go so much better if everyone was honest with everyone else. I've been told I'm naive before for thinking that, amongst many other 'fanciful' thoughts, but I think that in itself backs up my point.

Here's why: nobody has ever called me naive about the power of love. I'm not naive about the human need for happiness. I'm not blissfully unaware of bliss. Children are naive, they have yet to learn of all the bad things in this world. But from the first they know of the good. So why is being naive a bad thing, hurled around like an insult? If you ask most kids if you have big nose they will tell you straight out if you do. Not to be mean, but because it's true. And what good would the lie do you? Would you really want the person to lie to you, child or otherwise? If you ask looking for a lie, what kind of trust issues are going on there? And if they do lie, does your opinion of them go up or down?

Maybe it's not even naive. What if naive is a label slapped on those who dream of a better world? For the oddballs that don't fit into corporate greed and filling out seventeen different forms for anything you want to do ever. I dream of rainbows, meadows, butterflies and bluebells - the stereotype crazy person. But they are all beautiful things. Ideal world, blue sky dreamings that harm nobody. Probably help actually. I think it might help the oil tycoons to think that every time they do what they do they distroy their son or daughters future idyllic day lying in a meadow watching the sky go by.

So here's what I like most about this quote. Remember the quote?! When you first read it, I'm pretty sure it was personal to you. You thought about someone this applies to in your life. A situation you've been in. Yes? But what if it's about something else altogether? Shouldn't we be giving up on the people that don't care about our planet, our way of life, the simple act of kindness? Why do we continue to support... politicians say? The number of times I've been verbally attacked when I say I don't vote. I will vote when there is someone worth voting for. Until then, I give up on them, all those carbon copies of each other. But what else should we be taking a stand about? Who else doesn't care?

Doesn't sound so naive now, does it?