Friday, 6 July 2012

15 Fun Facts About Me

1. I have an incredibly sweet tooth, but I'm not hugely fond of chocolate. I mean, it comes and it goes, but most of the time I would rather have cake or sweets. I do love me some malteasers though.

2. I'm a huge geek. I may flounce around in pink, frills and flowers but ask me anything about The Lord of the Rings and I will be able to answer you. Or Harry Potter. Or Jasper Fforde books. Or...

3. After the last fact you may be a little prepared for this one. I play computer games. I'm also really good at them. My original PSone is back in Edinburgh and I miss it and all of its bad graffics. Sad socks.

4. I collect buttons. Mostly to use in craft projects but sometimes because they are so pretty I can't not own it.

5. My second and third toes on each foot are bigger than my big toe. Thanks Dad.

6. The only plant I don't seem to kill is a cactus. My current cactus is called Milligan, after the great Spike. See what I did there?!

7. I can't cook. I have tried and I have failed. But I'm ok with it, because I can do other things. I have a wide and varied skill set that just doesn't include making delicious things. We can't all be good at everything.

8. I am surprisingly strong. Most people see this tiny little girly type and try to take heavy things from me so I don't strain my tiny little arms. Then I lift a bazillion things at once and leave them standing dazed and confused.

9. I don't really get cold. It's more that I feel that it is cold, but not actually feeling my own body temperature drop too. I always seem to radiate heat and keep myself warm. I don't know how or why, and I've been like that as far as I can remember.

10. I quite like murder mystery books. Ok, correction: I like GOOD murder mystery books. Agatha Christie mostly. So what if the plot is a little thin in places and the big reveal can be a bit far fetched? They make me happy.

11. I am a jigsaw puzzle master! Seriously, I can whizz through 1500 pieces in one night! I think this is a result of my many summer holidays spent with my Nana and Popa, when a jigsaw was a tool used to keep little Sarah quiet!

12. I have an issue with the word 'honorary'. I can't seem to wrap my mouth around it. Whenever I do attempt it it comes out more like 'honononononory'.

13. I have the disney rabies. I love it. A disney film will make me better when I am sick. There is no situation a disney quote will not fit in. There are few better things to watch while crafting (Harry Potter and LOTR excluded). Yes, they are unrealistic in terms of life style, decision making, and how swooshy a womans hair can be, but who cares? They are wonderful. The End.

14. The thing I miss most from my childhood is being allowed to play with the toys. Now when there are toys you are expected to just sit there all adulty and let the kids play with them. This annoys me because they play with them wrong, and I would like to enjoy myself too. One of the biggest lies you will ever be told as an adult is that you have to be serious.

15. One of the things I like most about myself is my ability to blurt out the truth. If you ask me a question I will just tell you. A lot of people do not like me for this very reason. They expected a white lie and instead were told that they were in fact out of line when they said *insert inappropriate comment here* to whatshisname. I can't understand this line of reasoning. Don't ask if you don't want to know!

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  1. Sarah, I love it! Made me laugh all the way though. And of course we can be real friends. Who else will I read Scaredy Squirrel to?