Friday, 17 August 2012

5 items you lust after.

1. A Volkswagon camper. I can't even explain how happy I would be to own one of these. Particularly if it was yellow. Or blue. Or green. Or...

I suppose I may have to wait a while for my camper, so in the interim I may have to find an alternative. Oh look, found it! This is a tent. A freakin' tent! I've seen one of these up and it is the same size as an actual van. From a distance you can't tell it's a tent. This is also a slightly more affordable option than the real thing.

2. I would adore this... get it?! Adore... a... door... Joking aside, I really would. So what Dad and Natalie would have to duck like Gandalf?! Toben and I are Hobbit sized, and we're the ones that would use it every day. Just call me Squaro MacBaggins.

3. I would love this satchel. Or a satchel like it. It would make an epic laptop bag. I had one before, but it was quite cheap... and therefore the straps snapped on it after a while. So I would like a proper one that will be more robust. And it could also be yellow.

4. A craft room. A room that is all mine for crafting in. Where I could keep all my craft things in easy to use places instead of tidied away in boxes in the corner. A space where I can just leave everything out if I'm halfway through a project without having to clear everything up so we can use the coffee table. A place that can be bright colours and pretty, shiny things. A Squarah kind of place. Maybe with one of these in the corner.

5. A swing. Specifically an indoor swing. This may sound odd, but I think very clearly on swings. Just gently swinging back and forth. So yes, one of these in a craft room - or in any room - would be wonderful. Failing that, I would settle for this.

So now you all know what I would like for christmas this year. Don't forget to talk to each other and let everyone know who is buying me what so there are no duplicates! Sigh, if only it were that easy...

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  1. Can I come and swing on your swing? Indeed, I may have to crawl through that door to do so, but it would be worth it.