Monday, 20 August 2012

Favorite blog posts since you started your blog.

Interestingly, almost all my favourite blog posts have been in this challenge. I only have one post that I did outside of this that I really like. Maybe this means I should keep giving myself 'challenges' with this blog. I'll have to have a think about that!

The one that I did before the blog challenge is School's Out. If you didn't really like school, this one is for you. Or I suppose if you really loved school and can't understand why anyone wouldn't, this one could be very enlightening for you.

I love my post on What's an article of clothing you're deeply attached to? I think I like that the way my thoughts on that sorted themselves out into story form. If I wasn't deeply attached to them before, I am after writing that!

I need to mention A great book that you see yourself in. purely as it is about Alice in Wonderland. So, automatic win there.

Having just read over my entire blog, I've noticed how I seem to like the list ones better than the others generally. I seem to be quite funny in list form. Odd. 10 Likes was a good one, but 10 Dislikes was even better. I've just read it over and I'm still laughing at myself. I also like Top 10 songs for you now because naturally it has all the songs I really like just now on it. Go figure.

The one that I found most interesting was Your Fears. I had to sit and think about that one for ages. I couldn't think of anything I was afraid of. I sat staring at the title on the screen waiting for my brain to give me a list of things, even just one, but nothing came. What's really ridiculous is that in the end I had to ask Toben, who instantly rattled off everything I'm scared of. Every time he said another thing I would say "Oh yeah...". I genuinely couldn't think of a single thing. Isn't that strange?

As I say, I've enjoyed the aspect of the challenge that makes me think about things I've not thought about before. I may continue to set myself mini challenges once this is over. If anyone thinks up a good question or subject just let me know!

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