Friday, 2 November 2012

Och aye the noo testament.

Recently I made an excellent find at the charity shop in Craignure (as I usually do!) and I've just started to look at it tonight...

This is what I bought:

Yes, the sticker says £1. Epic.

Tonight I sat and looked up some favourite verses in it and some of the well known ones too, and I wanted to share them because they are, quite frankly, fabulous. I recommend that when you read these you read them out loud. The brain seems to make them make more sense when trying desperately to pronounce it!

 Na, whan ye pray, gang intil your benmaist chaumer an tak the door wi ye, an syne pray til your Faither, at bides whaur nane can see him; an your Faither, at sees aathing at is dune in hidlins, will gie ye your reward.
Matthew 6 v 6

Whaur your treisur is huirdit, een thair will your hairt be an aa.
Matthew 6 v 21
In the beginnin o aa things the Wurd wis there ense, an the Wurd bade wi God, an the Wurd wis God. He wis wi God i the beginnin, an aa things cam tae be throu him, an wiout him no ae thing cam tae be. Aathing at hes come tae be, he wis the life in it, an that life wis the licht o man; an ey the licht shines i the mirk, an the mirk downa slocken it nane.
John 1 v 1-5
Luve is patientfu; luve is couthie an kind; luve is nane jailous; nane sprosie; nane bowdent wi pride; nane mislaired; nane hamedrauchit; nane toustie. Luve keeps nae nickstick o the wrangs it drees; finnds nae pleisur i the ill wark o ithers; is ey liftit up whan truith dings lies; kens ey tae keep a caum souch; is ey sweired tae misdout; ey howps the best; ey bides the warst.
1 Corinthians 13 v 4-7

Than I hard a loud voice cryin frae the Throne: "Nou is God's bidin wi men, an he will bide wi them, an they will be his peiple. God himsel will won wi them, an will dicht ilka tear frae their een; there will be nae mair deith, nor dule, nor cries o wae, nor pyne, for the auld warld is by wi."
Revelation 21 v 4

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  1. As someone who lugged a hardback copy of the Scottish Dictionary home with me after my trip, this is indeed epic. Perhaps if you could read it on tape, you could sell it on iTunes. I would definitely buy it.