Friday, 7 September 2012

Only two brands of clothes you could wear for the rest of your life.

First of all, I need to say that I'm really not a brands and designer labels person. I couldn't care less about that kind of thing. But I will admit there are brands that I like more than others from a design and style point of view.

I have either a great or very bad relationship with H&M. It is great because I cannot walk into one of their shops or visit their website without finding some delicious new thing to wear and to love. It is very bad because this costs money and I don't really need new things. It helps that H&M can often fit into my if-I-can't-buy-it-for-less-than-£10-I-can't-have-it rule. There are very few shops that do.

The other clothing brand I like is a little bit silly... in that it is a supermarket clothing line. I feel a little ashamed by this. I have the same relationship with George at Asda as I do with H&M, and it's for all the same reasons. Also, I have bought some of the most comfortable clothes I've ever had at George. Now, I don't mean people you see at Walmart kind of comfortable. (I do see the irony in what I just said. Asda is part of the Walmart 'family'.) I mean good looking clothes that don't rub in weird places, or cling when you sit down, or hurt your feet every single time.

Ok, here's the part where I don't play by the rules. Even though I've picked two brands they aren't my real choice. Here are my real two:

1. Charity shop clothes.
2. Things I get for Christmas and birthdays.

I would be quite happy with that, even though they aren't strictly brands. I don't really go shopping much, mainly because of my location (but also because of the whole money thing). My nearest Asda is 123.8 miles from me. My nearest H&M is 137.8 miles from me. Both of these distances are by road instead of as the crow flies, but for me going there that's more accurate! So you can see why I may not frequent these places. Island Castaways Charity Shop in Craignure however, 35 miles. Much better. Plus, I am the Charity Shop Queen. I don't know how I do it, but I can find the most amazing things in them. I'm gifted that way. The best bit? They pretty much price everything at £3. Win.

And what brands do I end up picking up most often when I'm there? That's right, H&M and George. Boo yah.

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