Friday, 11 January 2013

A is for ... Apocalypse, Attitude and A Good Kick Up The Backside

First off, happy new year! I hope you had a great Christmas and new year and everything in between. Glad tidings, good wishes and a' that.

Well, that was a jolly little apocalypse we had there wasn't it? I can only hope they will all be like that. If those Mayans are watching us I think they must have had a right laugh. But here we are in 2013 whether we like it or not. And that means continuing with life as we know it, or starting new things - projects, jobs, courses... whatever.

While I've been reading everyone's updates on returning back and starting fresh I've noticed a trend, and not a good one. The common link is moaning. I've been aware of it for sometime, particularly on facebook and twitter (twitter being far, far worse for some reason) but it seems I have finally gotten to the 'I'm so done with this' stage with all the new years grumblings.

I have to admit my main reason for being done with it is that I flat out don't believe most of it. When people who I know to adore their jobs post regularly about how boring/irritating/stressful they find it I find it hard to see their point. Or people who are studying something they find incredibly interesting complaining about coursework they couldn't wait to get to three weeks ago... I just don't believe you.

There is of course a mentality that fits with that; look at how busy and important I am. I think some feel the need to moan about their workload or good deeds because they crave praise. Interesting how it is easier to condemn your hard, hard life publicly rather than share your own self-pride. Or perhaps it gets better results. Either way, interesting.

My next confession is my own reaction to these mini-rants. I tend to care less and less about what these people do. I see a post by someone who moans a lot and I skip over it. My brain switches itself off to the particular person and their little corner of drama.

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy.
Unknown author

If I do by some miracle read a post by a regular moaner I can't help but think "Oh my, your life is so hard. You are surrounded by people that love you and support you and only want the best for you. You have a job you like and are good at. You can pay the bills and afford to buy yourself a brand new phone when yours breaks. You are studying something you love. But by all means tell us all about your horrendous experience writing a thousand word essay about something you are passionate about."

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.
Abraham Lincoln 

You are lucky. You can't forget that. If you woke up tomorrow with only that for which you were thankful for today, what you have?

A candle is a protest at midnight. It is a non-conformist. It says to the darkness, "I beg to differ."
Samuel Rayan

Here I am to be the candle at midnight - to protest. I look at people's lives and compare them to the moanings and requests for pity and I think "I beg to differ." I truly believe that living your life with that view is to live in darkness. Where is your happiness? Where is your unashamed joy that brings you leaping into every activity you enjoy? Why does everything you choose to do come with a grunt and a rant? Why do you choose to do it if that's how you feel? As my mum would say, "If you don't like it, change it."

I leave you with a quote containing the hope I have for everyone this year.

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art - write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.
Neil Gaiman

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  1. I 100% agree! It would be very interesting to see what might happen if we all spoke honestly about the things we are proud of, the ways we made a difference and told the truth about our strengths. I think that if we did that, we'd make natural space for our true weaknesses, would find solace when we were frustrated or tired and would find it easy to get assistance when we asked for it. I tell the truth about things I'm good at and I get mixed reactions - some incredulity that I've spoken positively about myself and some envy that I have the guts/balls to speak that way. I'm tired of fake 'tall poppy' syndrome - cutting ourselves down before others can have a go.